Confession #88

Posted on: July 22nd, 2016 by Kate Perry

Confession #88: I was put in remedial reading classes in grade school.

For various reasons, I changed schools a lot. I went to eleven different schools before I graduated from high school.

Every new school I went to, they’d test me for placement, and after every test, they’d place me in reading classes two years lower than my grade level. They said my reading comprehension was really poor.

Note: I read two books a day from the time I was eight. I was the kid who read GREAT EXPECTATIONS by Dickens on my own, for fun, when I was ten. I could READ, and I understood everything that was happening.

Every time, after two weeks in these lower level reading classes, my teachers would always say to me “Why did they put you here??” and they’d move me into higher level classes, usually a couple years above the grade I was in.

I’ve only just recently understood why that was. I see the world differently. When I read a story, I didn’t necessarily interpret it the way it was “supposed” to be interpreted, so when I was asked what the story was about, my answer was always “wrong.”

Looking back, I realize I was probably telling them what the story should have been about. I was a strong-willed child with vivid dreams.


My unique point of view has served me in the long run. I’m grateful to the teachers I had who tried to understand my point of view instead of forcing me to conform to theirs.

And thankfully it didn’t dim my love for reading. I read more than ever, and I appreciate all sorts of stories. After all, it’s not what you enjoy–it’s just that you enjoy it.

Happy reading!

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