Intention and Action

Posted on: February 20th, 2016 by Kate Perry

I’ve been writing affirmations on my candles. I have several, all with different focuses, all things I’m going to manifest.

When I was a kid, I heard someone say that the people who write down their goals achieve them. It’s more than that, because you have to put intention behind what you want too. But it stuck with me. Sometimes I make regular lists; sometimes you need to back up your list with a little fire.

My bestseller candle has this intention:
– to light the world afire with my words.
– to touch hearts.
– to affect billions of people.
– to make billions of dollars, because my art is worth it, and because I want to give and help others with their dreams.

Manifesting is pairing intention with action. So this morning, I’m sitting with my laptop, Moneymaker. My Valentine’s roses are in front of me. I’ve lit a couple candles, and I’ve got slow jams on. I’m planning a romantic morning, full of moonbeams and words of love that reach all the world to help bring light and change.

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