Looking Up

Posted on: May 16th, 2016 by Kate Perry 1 Comment

On my hike today, my intuition told me I needed to pause and breathe and do tai chi. So I did.

As I swept my arms up in Angel’s Wings, the last movement of my form, I looked up at the heavens. There were so many shades of green, and the sky was brilliantly still, and the sunlight shined a path through the trees.

The message struck me immediately. I’d been focused on the rocky path in front of me, battling the wind. I was trying not to trip, trying to see the right path and step in the right places. But when I looked up, everything was clear and peaceful and colorful.

My intention this week: to look up.

Sending you wishes for a happy week,

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  1. Sue frederich says:

    Any chance you’ll finish the guardian series. Love the first three