Love and Rainbows

Posted on: January 15th, 2016 by Kate Perry

“Do you know what we’re going to have today?” the best friend said.

The author shook her head. “What?”

“A Paris day!” Joy lighting her face, the best friend clapped her hands together. “It’s just what you need.”

The author wasn’t so sure, but her best friend was so excited that she said, “Okay.”

So they put on spiffy shoes, and smart coats, with little purses just so. The author put on her favorite hat, which had sparkles, which she pretended was a beret, and they went for a stroll down the town avenues, arm in arm.

“What would make you happy?” the best friend asked.

“Books!” The author pursed her lips. “And ice cream.”

So they went into a bookstore, where there was a wealth of words and paper. After, they stopped at the ice cream store. Homemade mint patty was the author’s choice, and she kicked her feet happily as she sat on the bench outside and enjoyed it.

And the author gave the best friend a pair of gloves, because the best friend was shivering. And the author realized love meant sitting outside in winter as your friend ate ice cream, and leading her to books and Paris (even if it was thousands of miles away) just to see her smile again.
* * * * *

The part of “best friend” was played by Ava Miles. Her latest bestseller, THE PROMISE OF RAINBOWS, is just out. It’s her best book yet—don’t miss it.

THE PROMISE OF RAINBOWS, Dare River series #4
When military veteran and country music star Jake Lassiter hires Susannah McGuiness as his interior decorator, she has no idea he carries a secret so great it will challenge the love developing between them.


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