Wall of Love

Here’s a little bit of love I’ve received from my readers… Feeling left out? Wanna share some too? Do it–send some love and we’ll keep this wall rolling.


“I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your Laurel Heights collection!!! You’re an AMAZING writer! You make the story come to life. I’m addicted!! :0)” –Darla Rieger

“After reading Perfect For You, I am entirely hooked on the Laurel Heights series, made my 9 and a half hour bus journey a little easier and, once I have finished all 7, I may start re-reading from the beginning 🙂 Love them so much! Keep on writing xxx” –Beverley

“I want to say that I love your Laurel Heights books! They always make my day reading them. I love the way you throw such cute comments in between the characters. I just all around love the series! Hope there is more books to come in this series! :)” –Ashley Kaplinger

“I am hooked on your Laurel Heights series. In the span of 3 days I have read books 1-6 and am already over the half way mark in book 7.” –Katrina

“You are an amazing author. I love your characters and stories in your Laurel Heights series. Plus, I always appreciate a well edited book! Your books are my personal escape from the day to day and they always leave me feeling refreshed. Thank you and keep sharing the love!” –Connie

“Downloaded Laurel Heights 2 on a whim. Consider me IN LOVE. 🙂 I’d live in Laurel Heights in a heartbeat! <3” –Nina“I really enjoyed the book I got for free on Kindle – thanks!” –Gloria K.

“I have read all of your books in the span of 6 weeks – you are a fabulous writer. I love the drama, characters and love story that comes with all the stories. I can’t wait to get my hands on the next book for The Guardians of Destiny.. So many questions – Who is the choosen one & the keeper of the Book of Water. Can’t wait, Lady. Keep up the Good Work!!” –Sashadene

“Love love your books! Keep spreading the love.” –Dina

“Just discovered your Laurel Heights series two days ago and I have read them all! LOVE LOVE LOVE can’t wait for more now I need to read the other series!!” –Lisa

“OMG…Kate Perry you are my inspiration on romance and true expression. I love to read the first book I read was Perfect for You…love it and when I finished when looking for the next one…Found Close to You…Continue to write beautiful and exotic love stories…” –Zaira Davis

“I love love love the Laurel Heights Series! I was completely hooked on the first book! I can hardly wait for the next book!” –Sasha

“Losing sleep reading Project Daddy was mos def worth it, eye bags & all! LOL Another masterpiece!” –R.

“Just finished Tamed by You! OMG I am such an Addict!!! Your Writing is amazing! You have such a way with words its incredible! I look forward to the next one ;)” –R.

“I am hooked.  BRILLIANT! Finally, an author who tuned into the fact that readers will love a 2-4-1 romance in each novel. Coupling it with a series?  That is what I call GENIUS. Keep it up Kate … just discovered you and you are now right up there with my all time favourite authors.” –Andrea

“So I downloaded this book for free on amazon. What can I say? I got hooked on the Laurel Heights series. I just finished Return to You and will be downloading the next book in a few minutes. These books are sexy, comedic, heart wrenching, and worth every penny. They are quick reads especially because you can’t put it down. I’m finding I’m blowing through the series and wonder what I’ll read next being disappointed that the series is over! Thank you Kate!” –Linda Allegretto

“You are such an incredible writer!!! I love your characters and stories!!! About to read #4 of laurel heights! You are seriously beyond amazing! A total inspiration!” –Mayra R.

“Luvin the new digs, and how could I not know you had another awesome book out! Boy am I glad I was on amazon checking to see if any other of my books may have an earlier release date. How do I put you on my auto list? I did however finish reading playing doctor. I love reading your fab books!! One of my most guilty pleasures. 😉 Keep on keepin on and kickin ass!” –R.

“I could not believe how much I fell in love with her writing. It kept me turning the pages and wanting to know more about the characters and what was going to happen next. I find myself visualizing what they would be like in real life and wish they were my girlfriends! I can’t wait to read more of her work! SO THRILLING.” –Emily D.

“I adore your Laurel Heights series. The women in these books are so spunky and strong. As for the men……yum yum can I get some? I’m from Boston Massachusetts but I can so envision the neighborhood of laurel heights. Keep on writing and I will keep on reading them.” –Nicole Collins

“LOVE LOVE LOVE your books!! I first came across one of your books in 08 and have tried keeping up. I accomplished that this last Christmas. I have purchased 7 from the apple iBookstore 🙂 only one more to go! (The others I have in paperback at home) Waiting for the next! 🙂 ps tamed by you was AMAZINGLY HOTT!” –Kourtniee

“You’re my favorite way to spend an afternoon (well..okay, my second favorite way, the husband insists I clarify…)” –M.W.

“No other books make me laugh with, hurt for, and steam up because of the heroes like Kate’s books do. The plots are addictive, the dialogue is fantastic, and all the characters both major and minor are hands-down the best – and none of them are even 18th century Scottish lairds! ;)” –Karen Lamb

“If you want a fun, smart, sassy and thoroughly enjoyable read, this is the book for you. Kate Perry has got this authorship stuff DOWN – she develops great characters with layered plots. This book in particular I liked a lot. Nell and Chloe cracked me up the whole series, and being a dog lover, I appreciated George (although his breed was never named, I envision him as a Newfoundland type. I definitely won’t call him a mutt).”  — Jenni Rigby

“Perry’s storytelling skills just keep getting better and better!”  — Romantic Times Book Reviews

“Can’t wait for the next in this series…simply great reading. Another winner by this amazing author.” — Romance Reviews Magazine

“Hot! Recommended!” — Bookpleasures

“Exciting and simply terrific.” –Romancereviews.com

“Kate Perry is on my auto buy list.” –Night Owl Romance

“A winning and entertaining combination of humor and pathos.” –Booklist